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  1. sophie says:

    Yes Mr. jewitt I do like the blog desgin.
    Thank you for our own page the blog.

  2. sophie says:


    scene 1
    House in the country

    sophie:I can’t wait for the battle this afternoon.
    ALBERTA:Neither can I, I’m so excited.
    stella:what battle? what an earth are you talking about? with who? where?WHAT?
    ALBERTA:You forgot to tell her, didn’t you (poking sophie)
    sophie: No,you did
    alberta: No,you did
    (stella goes off stage)
    sophie: No, you did
    alberta: No, you did

    scene 2
    stella’s room
    stella:why can’t they just tell me,why do they allways have to fight?
    stella:I hate being young

    scene 3
    meanwhile,a couple of miles away, in the wizards house…
    toby:I cann’t wait, what are you going to bring?
    joss:just my wand
    MacMess:Yeah same

    scene 4
    the battle comences
    (enter:witches & wizards)
    (Alberta & MACMESS walk to the front)
    Alberta:BRING IT ON
    MM: Yeah,BRING IT ON
    (whoosh, bang)
    (toby off stage)
    stella:toby’s gone
    soon after each team was down to one player each
    (mm off stage)
    (all the other witches and wizards appear again)
    witches:we won
    we won
    we won
    we won
    The wizards look down in Shame and Dispare

    The End

  3. Leila says:

    Good play script Sophie

  4. Sophie says:

    The house

    Walking through the house
    What do I find… A wizard
    Run rapidly away

  5. Leila says:

    Your welcome

  6. leila says:

    I like the idea of the title

  7. sophie says:

    thank you,Leila

  8. sophie says:

    A never ending story

    There once was a hairy,orange Ape. The Ape only had one dream in the whole in tire world.
    He fantiside of being HUMAN! A couple of days later the Ape met up with his friend Bannas, was all ready half Ape and half human.The Ape was curious so he desided to inquire how Bannas had become to be half ape and half human? Bannas just shrugged his shoulders and told Ape he just woke one day and found him self that way!

  9. isabel says:

    Great play script Sophie,I also loved your awsome never ending story, can’t wait to hear the rest!

  10. sophie says:


    Ape was annoyed but then a idea poped into his head – pop – it was a brillant, awsome, idea his idea was to see tomorrow morning if he woke as ahalf human ape…

  11. Mr Jewitt says:

    Fantastic story Sophie. I wonder why the ape wants so much to be human…

  12. tyrese says:

    Great play sophie

  13. HAMZA says:

    great work sophie I like the names that you made up -hamza

  14. -tyrese says:

    happy birth day like your work sophie -tyrese

  15. Alba says:

    Happy birthday Sophie your story and play was sophietastic

  16. bughda and hafsa says:

    great play sophie

    I like the way you put stage directions in.
    awesome never ending story too!!!

    It was nice and awesome.
    – bughda hafsa

  17. leila says:

    I like your never ending story – leila

  18. Sophie says:

    PART 3 of the never ending story

    The next morning when the Ape awoke he looked down at himself in a very annoyed fashion. He turned his head cautiously to face the tree top
    door. And there leaning towards the framework of the door was his very sneaky friend Bananas. Sniggering at the top of his lungs. ”Ha Ha, I got you there!!!”

  19. Rehan manzoor says:

    Fantastic story Sophie i wonder why it’s called the battle

  20. Rehan manzoor says:

    Fantastic story Sophie i wonder why it is called the battle

  21. Sophie says:

    Rehan it is called the battle because the wizards and witches have a battle – sophie

  22. Alba says:

    Cool never-ending-story Sophie.-Alba

  23. Vanesa says:

    I like your play.-Vanessa

  24. Rehan manzoor says:

    like your script again

  25. Vanessa.P. says:

    I like your never ending story.-Vanessa

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