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Very good maths from Yousuf and Lena, and literacy cold task from Simeon.

Simeon cold task film narrative

Simeon cold task film narrative

Yousuf multiplication

Yousuf multiplication

Great and tasty homework from Asim (pic) and Delcan (no pic as we ate it too quickly).


Meant to upload this a while ago – thank you Tyrese.


Ben – what is happening here?!


Creative homework 6/2/15

Science Homework

Hi guys – I think some of you haven’t had your new homework sheets stuck in. I’m very sorry. I’ve put a link to the homework above, but even that has two of the homework options missing! I’ll make sure you get the full sheet on Monday. You have all of the half term break to complete it. ┬áHave a lovely weekend and happy birthday Isabel!

Sophie kneads dough. She really kneads it.

DT bread day: Product analysis, design, make, evaluate.




Viking class made some excellent posters giving some top tips on how to write good instructions (with a hocus pocus twist, of course)

FullSizeRender (15)

FullSizeRender (14)

FullSizeRender (13)FullSizeRender (14)

Hocus Pocus Homework x 2 – so many weirdly wonderful cakes!


Next challenge…

Write instructions to make a hocus pocus treat on your blog page. Could be for a smoothie, a cake or something else. 2 Dojo points for having a go, another 2 for using time phrases, another 2 for using an embedded clause.

Example of time phrase: Before the potion bubbles over, add a generous pinch of….

Example of an embedded clause: Wait for 30 seconds for the sugar, which should be turning thick and sticky, to melt into the pot.

(max 6 dojo points)

Good luck

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