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  1. isabel says:

    (Rosie, Jake and Laura enter holding wands.
    ROSIE: I just learnt how to do a new spell, want to see it?
    LAURA: Naaah you should save it for tomorrow.
    JAKE: Tomorrow
    LAURA: Rooosie! I wanted you to tell him! (crossly)
    ROSIE: Oh yeaaah!
    JAKE: So, are you gonna tell me or just sit there arguing?
    ROSIE: Basically, tomorrow me and Laura decided we should all do an epic messy spell on the summer fate!
    JAKE: Awsome!
    Scene two
    (Sellers walk onto stage shouting and selling candyfloss.)
    LAURA: Are you sure we should do this?
    ROSIE: Yeah, I mean we’re probably going to get into loads of trouble!
    JAKE: Guys, I didn’t spend my whole weekend studying for nothing!

  2. sophie says:

    Thank you,IZZY.
    Your play script was fantastic too!

  3. Alba says:

    great work Isabel

  4. Blake says:

    Hi isabel

  5. Rehan manzoor says:

    fabulous story Isabel

  6. Mrs Charles says:

    How can you stop it there? I want to know what will happen next. Will they be successful with casting their messy spell or will things go terribly wrong?
    Which character would you play Isabel?
    I would choose Rosie because she sounds mischievous!

    Keep up the great writing

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