What are you going to wear on Tuesday? Leave comments below…

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  1. Vanessa.P. says:

    Lovely game!

  2. Alba says:

    great game

  3. Alba says:

    why are the things on the game called “zooks”

  4. Alba says:

    the game is very interesting

  5. Alba says:

    why do the books have names

  6. Alba says:

    what i just wrote was a mistake i was meant to put “why do the zooks have names”

  7. Patrick Goodfellow says:

    Hi guys how are you doing fromP.G. A.K.A. BOSSS

  8. Meloni Joseph says:

    I can not make it tomorrow, because there is going to be a bus strike

    I hope you have a wonderful day

  9. Leila says:

    Nice play script Mr jewitt

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